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1. My experience in this field spans over 40 years. It started from the days of the box camera. My graduation was from the Raja Ravi Varma College of fine arts, in the field of painting and sculpture with a scholarship. Certificate course from Photo Lux institute. From there I moved into providing illustrations and cartooning for newspapers and magazines. Then moved on to photographs for cover pages for periodicals. I also worked as an artist and photographer for some firms. I then became the member with India International Photographic Council(IIPC).In the mean time also conducted exhibitions of my pictures on 32 occasions in many places. Also conducted photography classes at many photography clubs and camps. Have written more than 61 articles on photography after conducting my own experiments. Chose Nature, Medical, Macro and Action photography as my favorites. Am currently working on showing usual subjects in unusual visuals. I also write on various subjects in many periodicals and have been living in Ooty for the past 40 years

2. Achievements and Recognitions.

A.Malayala Manorama Award

B. Madras Wildlife Award

C. Times of India Award

D. Tourism department-Ooty Award- 4 times

E.Tourism board Summer Festival Award - Ooty - Three times

F. Kerala University Union Award-Three consecutive years

G.Kollam Horticulture Society Award

H. Kerala University College 125th anniversary competition Award

Besides this I have quite a few consolation prizes.

3. Attitude to photography

Besides this being a profession for me, Photography is a part of my life, as this happens to be a highly respectable art form. This art form has its won characteristics and depth. Ones ability to use light , shadows and darkness appropriately can become a good photographer. The person should be able to understand his surroundings and should be able to react quickly to be good photographer.Besiddes this, should have keen observation of minute details in the surroundings. The contours of light should also be well undestood.Only such people can make a view stop to look at the photo, and also be able to draw with light.

4. Equipments

Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 400D, Canon EOS 300 D, Canon T70, Olympus OM 2, Zenith 122 .

5. Profession

Full time Photographer.

Now the president of Nilgiris Photographers and Videographers Association.

 “Getty Images” Contributor from India (It is the largest photo stock agency in the world).

Ooty correspondent of Photo Wide Photo magazine.

Special  correspondent of Cinema Mangalam Weekly.

Patron of Kairali Assosiaton, Aravankadu..

6. Anything else..

One of the depressing events of my life in Photography was when ...A couple of my photographer friends were charged on encroaching the forest. They were just photographing some way side plants when the Tamilnadu forest department apprehended them and captured their equipment. They  were also forced to pay Rs. 25000.00 as penalty !

7. Favorite image and the reason

In 1984 this picture titled “Ettumuttal”(battle) won me the Malayala Manorama Award. This picture shot in Black and White depicts misty scene with two male goats about to lock horns and both standing on the hind legs. The picture was also shot in absolute backlight. In the foreground was a small boy who looked like a referee for the match.

The reason for this being my favorite image.

It was difficult to focus on the ever morning subject, as they came in to head but, it seemed even more difficult with the 120 tin lens camera(waist level).Moreover trying to take a picture with backlighting on black and white is difficult as well. Getting a symmetrical image with both goats standing on the hind legs and getting a kid in the middle of the frame is a rare occassion.Getting this movement on the frame is unthinkable, and always cherishes that. The highlight is that this was taken with just only one click. 


a. Photography should be made a regular study course as this is a growing field with technological advances happening every day. Since photography cannot be taken away from our daily life. The government and universities should start working on this.

b.The government should also initiate setting up specialized and exclusive photography institutes in many places across the country like the ones in Pune and Adayar.

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